Quality Assurance

High Quality Promise
Quality Assurance

Quality is always a focal point for us as by maintaining this we are able to enhance our brand reputation in the domestic market. The group which we are targeting is children and their parents thus, we make sure that the goods are made up of harmless material. For this purpose, our team of quality auditors conducts thorough inspections at the manufacturing sites with an aim to examine the quality of the Toys & Rides during processing and packaging.

Only those products are offered to the clients that have the ability to meet international quality standards Parameters on which we examine the toys include:


Perfect designs


Safe for playing


No sharp edges


Perfect designs


Colorful Toys

We are backed up by a qualified team of pro-active employees as well as advanced machineries and technology to help us produce world class products. The company possesses ultra modern machines help us to create a fantastic assortment of toys to our numerous clients, as well as execute every task efficiently and smoothly.